Fall Brawl 2013 announced. Join an extra life team and raise money for a good cause.

Take action with our inaction! It's like running a marathon for charity without the running part. Help me raise money for sick kids.

Steam Weekend Sale: Activision Titles Discounted

Steam's Weekend Sale is a publisher wide sale on Activision titles, including Call of Duty, TMNT:OotS, Tony Hawk HD, Spider-man, Transformers and Deadpool.

New Releases 8/25 to 8/31

Origin Sale

Origin, EA's online store, has 6 games on sale for $6 each. The games are Battlefield 3, Crysis, Dead Space, Sims 3, Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age Origins. Other games and DLC are also available on the sale page here; there are over 100 items on sale.

New Releases August 11 to 17th

A decent week after the slow summer gaming season.

Duck Tales Remastered Reviews

The first wave of reviews for Duck Tales Remastered have started to hit the web, and it looks like there may be trouble in Duckburg.
IGN 7.0/10
Gamespot 4.5/10

Eeek! Looks like a stinker. But wait, most of the reviews on Metacritic are higher. And by most, I actually mean all. 80% and higher. With such a split between the two largest video game review sites on the web, and again between them and everyone else, it begs the question of who is right, and how can this happen?

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